I literally can not tattoo without this stuff now. Who knew that natural ingredients could help skin with a tattoo so much? While I’m tattooing I notice a big difference in redness as well as swelling…because its unnoticeable now! Not to mention the after care has given me some of the best heals I’ve ever seen from my clients in my 9 years of tattooing. Whether an artist or a customer, buy one now! Screw that buy two, because you’re gonna use that stuff right up.

-Melvin Todd

I have been tattooing for 13 years and have not recommended a single aftercare “product” till Blackeye Ye Ole Tattoo Balm. Typically, when it comes to tattoo aftercare, I believe that the Keep It Simple Stupid is the best way to go, and Blackeye nailed it. The ingredients are simple, natural, and organic, not to mention petroleum free. I have had fantastic results with the artist Blackeye as well, and it has replaced a&d for tattoos in process. My clients love it, and I’m excited to finally have a product i stand behind in good conscience.

-Jeron Kenens