Product Overview

blackeye-caseBlack Eye Natural Tattoo Balm is a 100% natural product developed in the USA with only the highest standards of quality in mind.  Black Eye was developed for tattoo artists, by tattoo artists in the real life laboratory of a tattoo shop and its helpful clients.  Tattoo artists and clients painstakingly collaborated over multiple sessions and ingredient variations to find the perfect mix for client satisfaction.

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm will result in better looking tattoos, reduced swelling and redness and will help tattoos heal faster with overall better results.  Black Eye avoids artificial preservatives believing that nature provides some of the best healing solutions.  Additionally, Black Eye avoids the typical (and cheap) petroleum additives that over the years tattooists have found to dull the look of today’s modern tattoos. Preservatives and petroleum products are not helpful or healing components; they are simple and cheap materials added for the benefit of the seller of the product, not YOU the consumer.