For Tattooing

blackeye-jarBlack Eye Natural Tattoo Balm also makes a solution for use during the tattoo process.  Tattoo artists most often use Vitamin A&D ointment (with a petroleum base) or just petroleum jelly.  Tattoo artists use these ointments to prevent the skin drying and cracking from repeated rubbing and tattoo needle penetration.  The problem with these ointments is that the petroleum jelly base does not possess any medicinal effects that aid the process of tattooing.  The bigger problem with petroleum is that it is not readily absorbed by the skin so just creates more barrier and waste as the tattoo artist puts needle and ink to skin.

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm does not contain petroleum jelly, thus avoiding this problem. Instead Black Eye has chosen the above mentioned ingredients to help condition and moisturize skin thoroughly as the tattoo artist works.  These ingredients help reduce redness and swelling as the tattooist actually performs the tattoo, helping him/her achieve superior work.

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm for tattooing has been modified to be less oily than typical ointment while maintaining the same moisturizing properties that are so important to the tattooing process.  It has been carefully crafted to mimic the same texture and consistency that millions of tattooists have become used to after all these decades of using petroleum and A&D ointments.