Company History

The name Black Eye Natural derives from a rather odd part of tattoo history.  It seems that back in the early days of America history (and tattooing) that tattoo artists could make good side income by helping day laborers hide the effects of their drunken escapades from the night before.

BES_originalAccording to the TattooArchive ( this strange income stream was a function of the strong manufacturing center that used to provide millions of American men labor daily at shipping docks, construction sites and storage warehouses.  These men would need to look their best in order to be hired for the day and that meant 2 things: a haircut and a clean shave.  For this reason, barbershops were very important back in those days.

Of course, single men looking for work are also known for a couple of other things, tattoos and drunken carousing!  Necessarily then, tattoo shops and barbers often were located in close proximity or even in the same place of business.  Well, a potential laborer could easily hide a tattoo waiting for work and could even do his best to stand up straight through a raging hangover, but if a night became too rowdy and a black eye was the result, then getting a job that day would certainly be harder.

This culture of early America gave birth to the “Black Eye Specialist,” a shop that proudly specialized in helping American men cover up last night’s activities so they could get back up and working hard the next day!

It is with this history in mind that Chino gave his aftercare product the name Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm.  He also shares a long history himself in the tattoo industry; for 17 years he has grown up, learned and loved tattoo culture.  He has worked in, managed and owned tattoo shops in Florida and in Mexico. Currently he works as a sales representative at Diversified Products Supplier and owns Stigma  Ink tattoo studio in Tampa Florida.

Chino has seen products in the tattoo industry come and go, live, thrive, decay and perish.  And many of these products come from non-tattoo industry people who possess no love for tattoo culture, but see plenty of money in his beloved industry.  And that is the story of how Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm came to be; a product for tattoo art and artists from another artist.

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm is trying to keep the industry real, for artists by artists.

Don’t get bullied by other aftercare products, just buy Black Eye.