Tattoo Balm

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm is a 100% natural product developed in the USA with only the highest standards of quality in mind.  Black Eye was developed for tattoo artists, by tattoo artists in the real life laboratory of a tattoo shop and its helpful clients.  Tattoo artists and clients painstakingly collaborated over multiple sessions…

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For Tattooing

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm also makes a solution for use during the tattoo process.  Tattoo artists most often use Vitamin A&D ointment (with a petroleum base) or just petroleum jelly.  Tattoo artists use these ointments to prevent the skin drying and cracking from repeated rubbing and tattoo needle penetration.  The problem with these ointments…

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For aftercare

Black Eye Natural Tattoo Balm aftercare was the original product carefully tested by tattoo artists with blind tests on clients who volunteered to help evaluate the results.  After months and months of testing we settled on some of the following ingredients for their safety and effectiveness: Soya Bean Oil is high in Vitamin E making…

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History of Black Eye

The name Black Eye Natural derives from a rather odd part of tattoo history. It seems that back in the early days of America history (and tattooing) that tattoo artists could make good side income by helping day laborers hide the effects of their drunken escapades from the night before.

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